Welcome to The Best in Class Manufacturing Awards
Welcome to the Best-in-Class Manufacturing Awards scheduled on 20th February, 2016, which brings together the leading manufacturing companies and professionals from around the asian continent to embrace and celebrate manufacturing excellence.
The manufacturing awards are been established to publicly acknowledge excellence in manufacturing and to promote this excellence to a global industrial market and the general public.
The awards will be judged by a panel of representatives from a cross section of specialist research organisations, editors, writers and end-user companies that are all experienced in the category subject areas.
Winning a Best-in-Class Manufacturing Award represents your prime opportunity to:
  • Demonstrate excellence and innovation within your chosen manufacturing field
  • Gain recognition amongst your manufacturing community peers for outstanding achievements
  • Confirm your position as a market-leading organisation
  • Gain unique press coverage for you and your project team
  • Enjoy a fantastic evening together as the industry converges to celebrate manufacturing excellence
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